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About KJSCE Hack
The KJSCE Hack brings together a group of inspired and creative coders from all across India. We present to them a platform where they can showcase their talent in the spirit of progress and technology. This Hackathon is a part of KJSCE’s annual tech fest, Abhiyantriki. Most engineers lack hands-on experience on industrial problem solving. KJSCE Hack is the rostrum for coders and engineers to exercise their skills, work towards solving real industry level problems and win prizes - all over the course of 24 hours. This hackathon is your chance at creating something impactful, something real!
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What happens at a Hackathon?
Participants (“hackers”) spend 24 hours working in teams of 2 - 4 people to build or code projects (“hacks”) they’re excited about. There are workshops, mentors, food, swag, and buckets of coffee to guide you along the way. You bring your ideas, and we give you everything you need to make them come to life.
What if I've never been to a hackathon before?
Not to worry, We welcome students of all skill levels. We’ll have talks, mentors and workshops to help you with your project; hackathons can be a great place to learn new skills in a short amount of time. Just be eager to learn, and excited to meet lots of awesome people.
What do people normally make?
Hacks generally fall under one (or more) of the seven cortices: Web Development, Android, iOS, AI/ML, AR/VR, Game Development, and Hardware.
What should I bring?
You should bring your student ID and anything you’d need for a sleepover: laptop, charger, deodorant (!), change of clothes, etc.. You won’t need food or drinks; we’ve got you covered there.
What is the Code of Conduct?
The appropriate code of conduct is linked here.
What should I not bring?
Weapons of any kind, drugs, or alcohol. If you’re not sure whether something will be okay, please ask ahead of time!
What are the topics and the prizes for the Hackathon?
The topic and the prizes will be declared soon.So keep an eye on the KJSCE-CodeCell Facebook Page. Also once you've registered with an e-mail id , we'll shoot you a mail about further announcements
Do you allow walk-ins?
We will not be allowing walk-ins. To ensure that you’ll be allowed in, please apply ahead of time.
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You can just drop a DM at any of our social network handles and we'll try our best to answer them ASAP ;)
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